Another of my favourite magazines,

this one perfect for inspiring Christmas in July……

and in December too of course!

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Although I loved hearing and reading Fairy Tales as a child, it always disturbed me that characters such as the wolf in ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ often met a horrible end.

In this wonderfully written and illustrated thrift shop find, the wolf is simply scared away by the waving of  a woodsman’s axe.

“Happily ever after” for all….

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Country Market craft…..


Meet ‘Lenny the Guinea Pig, pattern by ‘Bit of Whimsy Dolls’

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My namesake plant ‘Black-Eyed Susan’ (Thunbergia alata)

As a child I loved to see this plant growing along our backyard fence in Sydney. I’m delighted that this same species is now the main feature of a small ‘once a puppy yard’  area behind our house – covering a gate, creeping along the wire fence and making its way across the ground.

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I am a very visual person and love to keep images from greeting cards, books, magazines and calendars.

This sweet picture of a little girl playing the piano is a greeting card that Mark’s mum gave me many years ago.

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Storage solutions

It is a fact that if you have a lot of ‘stuff’ you need somewhere safe and accessible to store it. This has and no doubt always will be an issue for me  – the keeper of all things useful past present and future. I like lots of shelves filled with treasures – and I particularly like glass containers for their ‘see through’ value (despite the fact that glass plus our many cats are not a good combination).

I once bought a dozen Bonne Maman jam jars from a ‘past the use by’ table at Coles and in no time they were emptied, washed, dried and put to good use in the music room to hold stationery bits and pieces. Not so easy to find more of these for my collection, now that they are no longer a supermarket item, however my friend Debbie kindly located some in a speciality shop for me……and I picked up a few mini sample jars from a hotel in London.

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My miniature piano collection began with a filigree blown glass grand piano, a gift from my parents when I was 18.

I had a wonderful time displaying these ornaments at the Beaudesert Collectible Fair in 2010.

They made people smile, I was asked questions about where they came from and I heard stories of piano lesson experiences.

Some of the pianos are musical and play tunes such as ‘Fur Elise’ and ‘Love Story’……

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As a child I adored ‘real’ baby dolls,

my very favourite plaything……

and have enjoyed rediscovering them as an adult,

now that they are so beautifully realistic.

Introducing tiny reborn baby doll

Julianna Cherie


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One of my very favourite magazines,

filled with clever and creative ideas for organizing work spaces……

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“There’s always room for one more teddy bear”

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