How clever to be able to make adorable soft toy animals from a pair of socks! This ‘Batman’ sock monkey was my “thankyou” gift to son Patrick for helping me order some wonderful critters from ‘Sock Monkeys By Marie (Ree Animals)’ in the UK.

Now ‘Crafty Tails’

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One of the pages from my almost completed ‘therapy’ scrapbook, where I randomly paste words and pictures that appeal to me.  A very relaxing and inexpensive activity. Requirements? A little spare time, a sketch book, a pair of scissors, some old magazines and a glue stick. This reminds me of the scrapbooks my Mum would make for her grandchildren, using images she knew they would enjoy.

The scrapbook my Mum made for our then two and a half year old son Geoffrey – who was very fond of animals, especially koalas.

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Storage solutions

With the addition of a ‘perfect fit in size and colour’ cupboard, a major laundry makeover has begun. An excellent ‘Dollars and Cents’ discovery that I proudly snap-locked together myself….all thirty pieces of it! Please also note the box of ‘undies’ (and the out of place camera case) on the right. Labelled plastic storage boxes are my favourite storage solution.

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While organizing books in the music room, I discovered this beautiful picture of a tiny hand on a piano keyboard in ‘The Big Book of Babies’ (photo by J Otte Studios). Instant blog inspiration, followed by decisions….which of my categories should I include it in? Books? Pictures? Music? Definitely worthy of a new category ‘Babies’. I have adored babies for as long as I can remember – a love I inherited from my mother and a love I handed down to my  daughter. Looking after babies was the best time of my life – and for the rest of my life I will miss looking after babies.


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