Cats and Kittens

Not quite “too cute for words”, this verbally ambitious little kitten has earned his premier position in my new ‘feline’ blog category. I can almost hear him singing ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’……

The image comes from an AAG Inc greeting card, photo by Igor Sokolov.

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I still enjoy reading and browsing through a good parenting magazine, even though my children are grown up and my grandchildren are growing up………..

Plenty of ideas and inspiration for the young –

and the ‘young at heart’.

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Since caring for children was the most important job I’ve ever had – and the one I spent the most years doing – I’ve decided to add some new childcare related categories to my blog. A variety of tips and hints from a blessed mother of six!

I rescued this picture from a ‘cat versus photo frame’ incident yesterday, prompting the addition of a multiple birth category. I will have to dig deep into the archives and memory banks for my old scrapbooks, journals and thoughts on caring for two babies at once.  However I haven’t forgotten how exciting yet overwhelming it was, even as an experienced mother of four, to see the unexpected on an ultrasound screen at 9 weeks of pregnancy. I immediately began a quest to read every ‘twins’ article and book I could find. Perhaps positive thinking, my own fitness and above all a wonderful obstetrician resulted in the best possible outcome – the arrival of healthy babies at 38 weeks (full term for twins) weighing 8lbs 5 1/2 oz and 7lbs 2oz . Armed with a wealth of multiple birth pre-reading knowledge and lots of pairs of loving family arms, we all began a new adventure three days before Christmas 1992. Sunnybank Hospital chefs make a wonderful December 25th traditional roast dinner.

The caring for twins path I chose may not have always been completely smooth but I know I must have done something right because after 18 years these happy little boys continue to be the best of friends. Never ‘double trouble’, always ‘twice as nice’.

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Throughout my party giving years, I have made a lot of jelly but never got around to making jelly oranges until now. The movie ‘Tangled’ and a Disney party site were the inspiration for these little bannered ‘boats’ on a dark ‘lake’.

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Maybe it was my long hair or simply the fact that I love a good Disney animation that drew me to this adaptation of the fairy tale ‘Rapunzel’ and her beautiful BIG green eyes. I was also curious about the movie soundtrack after hearing it wasn’t very good. I disagree, it’s brilliant! (and I can almost hum every note and sing every word, thankyou Alan Menken).  Delighted to discover my favourite instrument featured in the story too. Who would have guessed that a pub thug named Hookhand had a dream of becoming a concert pianist?

Then while post-theatre googling I stumbled across a web of blogs about ‘Tangled’ theme parties. No little girls to hold a party for anymore, still I felt compelled to plan a ‘just because’ celebration…..that happens to coincide with my 54th birthday week. About time I added a ‘Parties’ category to my blog – I’ve thrown more than a few over the years.  To be continued.

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