Almost a year ago, due to luggage and customs restrictions,  I was very disappointed to leave behind in a Paris toy shop this adorable set of child’s instruments. So began a quest to find it again. First a letter all the way to France to enquire about the possibility of mail order, alas no reply. Disappointment three – an internet search revealed the UK supplier who unfortunately would not ship to Australia.

Months passed by. Recently my lovely niece and nephew generously tried to buy a set for me during a trip overseas, only to discover the store closed for the day.

Then in September when my son Patrick asked if there was anything on my birthday wish list, I sent him a link to this musical toy. I explained I had reached a dead end but he assured me owning it was still possible. A few days ago I was delighted to see my ‘must have’ belated birthday package arrive in the mail – shipped here at great cost from England via Patrick’s friend in the USA.

I am now feeling very spoiled being able add something so special to my teaching resources and more than a little glad I won’t have to make the long plane flight back to where I first fell in love with such a treasure.

Supplies and ideas for a ‘red with white spots’ theme steadily growing……

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I have wanted to replace my ‘much adored and worn beyond repair’ childhood Sindy teen doll ever since she met a sad end in the junk pile some years back. I was thrilled to discover this one in an antique shop a few months ago for $25, with just a little of her face peeking out from an old paper covered box. Going by the wedding wrapping paper, the style of her dress and the attached posy of flowers, she appears to be dressed in a sample bridesmaid outfit which I recall was common practice in the 60’s. Although I preferred baby dolls to Barbies, a favourite pastime was playing house with my precious down to earth English model – and I even presented her with blonde haired baby twin dolls to nurture. When my brother and Sindy’s boyfriend Paul joined the game, this teen mum often took on the role of Penny from the TV show ‘Lost In Space’. As with all of my second hand discoveries, I would dearly love to know this particular old toy’s true story. And yet perhaps not knowing is what makes such treasures even more special……the magic of long lost secrets.

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