A favourite recipe at gatherings for children and for adults…….


frozen puff pastry sheets

2 eggs

1/2 cup cream

1/2 cup milk

grated cheese

other filling eg ham, grated carrot, parsley, onion

Thaw pastry and cut into rounds with scone cutter. Place on patty tin sheet. Add cheese and other fillings to pastry. Make custard filling by lightly combining eggs, milk and cream. Fill pastry rounds with this mixture, not quite to the top. Bake 180 degrees C until puffed and golden.

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“Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?” Today it is definitely green on our side. For a summer’s day the weather is unusually cool with a light sprinkling of rain. The dogs are asleep high and dry on their mattress, the cats are in their hiding places avoiding wet feet, the chooks are braving the elements in search of worms – and the guinea pigs are waiting comfortably and patiently for me to take out the scissors and trim a few blades of this lush new growth as a treat.

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Guinea pigs

yet to blog about our guinea pigs…..

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Welcome to my new Christmas blog


Christmases past present future

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Welcome to my new piano teaching blog

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One of my favourite activities in December is entering our big treasure trove shed, an adventure that begins with braving the heat, dust and spider webs and climbing over a mountain of storage bags and boxes in order to release our seasonal plush toys from their hiding places. As I think to myself “Where did you come from, I don’t remember buying you?” and “Ah there you are, I don’t recall putting you in there! ” I find myself wondering if some teddy bear magic and mischief may have taken place during New Year to Christmas hibernation.

A newcomer to the collection, not yet introduced to such dark and gloomy places,  is this beautifully dressed and decorated bear named ‘Mariah’. She was rescued from the bargain shelf of a gift shop just a few days before it closed down last month and sadly she is still looking a little disappointed because her baby sister was adopted by another family (oh the regret when I missed the opportunity to purchase both siblings). Comforting to know she will soon be surrounded and welcomed by other furry friends eager to make her acquaintance. Perhaps Mariah’s festive charm will tempt me to keep her on display all year round – or at least invite her to visit us for Christmas in July too……


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