There are many things on our ‘to do’ list when we visit Melbourne, the place where four of our six children were born. So many people to see and outings to fit in; and it’s always fun to reminisce and try to relive special moments from the past. Before each of the last five visits, spanning a period of more than ten years, I have planned to re-enact a particular favourite outing from long ago….but never got around to it until recently. This time I was on a serious mission to take a familiar journey and adopt a Cabbage Patch Kid for myself, just as I’d done for our first two children one very special trip to the city back in the eighties. Hopeful and grasping some gift vouchers, I was determined not to board the plane without a new little friend for the music room – not such an easy task with the shop ‘vegie gardens’ quite bare right after Christmas. Finally I saw ‘Sean Sophia’  peeking through a damaged box hidden at the back of a Big W shelf. With her arms outstretched, long dark brown curls, green eyes, a crooked smile, one dimple and dressed in PJ’s and fluffy slippers, she is every bit as cute as Amy’s precious girl ‘Iris Brenda’ and Tim’s adorable boy ‘Archibald Murphy’, who are still members of our toy family today. Peace, love and CPK!

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