Introducing ‘Amy Tabitha’

There are so many beautiful reborn babies on display at doll shows that I just want to pick them up, cuddle them and adopt them all! And yet when the time comes to make the final ‘could be difficult’ decision on which one to take home, I am always certain that “this is the one” and suddenly the choosing is easy. “I cannot leave this one behind”…… 

During a recent doll fair outing with my sister, I immediately fell in love with this sleepy baby girl. After walking around and around the aisles among many tables of displays I still kept coming back to this precious baby with her realistic blotchy complexion, dark brown hair, half opened eyes and little tongue peeking out of a slightly opened mouth. She reminds me so much of our own children as newborns and it wasn’t until after I’d bought her that I saw the name ‘Amy’ on her certificate, the same name as our firstborn child! 

Even though little reborn Amy came home dressed beautifully in pale pink, I pictured her looking adorable in red and white. When I was about 17 my Mum took me to visit a friend who was just about to have a baby (was there ever a time in my life when I wasn’t clucky?) It was the first fully decorated nursery I had ever seen and I’ll never forget the red and white colour scheme that later welcomed new baby Tabitha into the world – one of the reasons why I settled on the middle name ‘Tabitha’ for my latest reborn. Also because growing up I was a big fan of the TV show ‘Bewitched’ and I loved watching the nose twitching antics of mum Samantha and daughter Tabitha.

After a trip to Myer with my Christmas gift voucher, a stop at the local country market doll clothes stall and a visit to the Best and Less babywear sale, Amy Tabitha has three new outfits. And I have just rescued from a water damaged bag of baby clothes a little white baby nightgown with red smocking that our Amy used to wear – and I’m in the process of restoring it to its former glory. Photo to be added later.

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