Bailey’s Feathers

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‘Black and White’ Scrapbook

This is my favourite and easiest to work on scrapbook. I add to it any time, in any order and on any page, using black and white scans of images which are usually accompanied by typed journalling – various bits and pieces I have gathered from family and friends over the years.


The title page…


The first entry…


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‘A very special diary’ continued…

Samuel Alexander and Michael Christopher

January 8th 1994

...I constantly ask myself what I could have done so right to deserve two healthy baby boys at one time. I hope having twins is something I never take for granted – now I consider it a wonderful gift. Life with twins is busy of course but so rewarding. It all makes for interesting writing which I hope to put down someday, as much as my memory allows. No time yet. With our little boys formally named, baptised and already past a year old, I wonder what my next entry in here will be. As I look at them sleeping peacefully in their cots nearby I realise how quickly they’ve grown – and they’ll probably be at school by the next time I put pen to this paper. Until then…

The next entry is dated June 23rd 1996…

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