The boys’ basket

Although I am very sentimental, very few of our baby nursery supplies remain today aside from a cot and a change table once shared by the twins – and this cane carry basket from 1982. It was Timothy’s first little bed….later handed down to Geoffrey and Paddy then used for a short time by Sammy and Mikey too. I’d also bought another similar basket second hand when we found out we were having a multiple birth but unfortunately it was totally destroyed by termites a few years ago. Thankfully this one survived and is in good condition other than a slight ink stain. A thirty year old treasure that stirs many special memories and makes me wonder ‘”Where did the years go?”.  After my baby making days ended this bassinette held various things including washing, teddies and porcelain dolls. I wonder what the future holds for it……sleeping cats and kittens perhaps?

Baby Timothy in the basket 

Baby Geoffrey in the basket

Baby Paddy in the basket

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While organizing books in the music room, I discovered this beautiful picture of a tiny hand on a piano keyboard in ‘The Big Book of Babies’ (photo by J Otte Studios). Instant blog inspiration, followed by decisions….which of my categories should I include it in? Books? Pictures? Music? Definitely worthy of a new category ‘Babies’. I have adored babies for as long as I can remember – a love I inherited from my mother and a love I handed down to my  daughter. Looking after babies was the best time of my life – and for the rest of my life I will miss looking after babies.


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