I have always loved  books containing words and pictures written and drawn by children – such as ‘Letters to God’ and ‘Letters to Santa’  – so at a recent book sale I was immediately drawn to this modern version of an old favourite. Finding ‘Are You There, Father Christmas?’ instantly inspired an end of year activity for my music teaching studio and I now have a wonderful steadily growing  collection of student ‘e-mails’ to display at our Christmas concert. What would YOU ask or tell jolly old St Nick?

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Although I loved hearing and reading Fairy Tales as a child, it always disturbed me that characters such as the wolf in ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ often met a horrible end.

In this wonderfully written and illustrated thrift shop find, the wolf is simply scared away by the waving of  a woodsman’s axe.

“Happily ever after” for all….

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  I thoroughly enjoy reading children’s books.

The ‘Our Australian Girl’ series of novels are based on Australian history. This is the first of four books about Grace, a little girl who leaves London on a convict ship bound for Sydney Cove……

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