One of the hobbies my mother and I shared was growing African Violets. As a teen I even belonged to an African Violet society in Melbourne. I would delight in mail ordering boxes of leaves ready for propogation, steal with permission a few samples from Mum’s perfect botanical specimens – and husband Mark (then my boyfriend/fiance) would take me on romantic drives to garden nurseries to seek out new plants.

Since living in Queensland I have had little success growing these flowering beauties, until recently, when after two years of struggling to to keep one particular plant alive in my music room, it has presented me with a flower atop lush green leaves. The secret of my success this time? As a last resort I moved the once sad and withered plant to the kitchen window. And there it has thrived to remind me of special times from the past. Once again, life finds a way.

‘Saintpaulia’ reborn……

……and a photo of myself and bridesmaid Roslyn admiring part of Mum’s African Violet collection, January 14th 1978.

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My miniature piano collection began with a filigree blown glass grand piano, a gift from my parents when I was 18.

I had a wonderful time displaying these ornaments at the Beaudesert Collectible Fair in 2010.

They made people smile, I was asked questions about where they came from and I heard stories of piano lesson experiences.

Some of the pianos are musical and play tunes such as ‘Fur Elise’ and ‘Love Story’……

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