Storage solutions

With the addition of a ‘perfect fit in size and colour’ cupboard, a major laundry makeover has begun. An excellent ‘Dollars and Cents’ discovery that I proudly snap-locked together myself….all thirty pieces of it! Please also note the box of ‘undies’ (and the out of place camera case) on the right. Labelled plastic storage boxes are my favourite storage solution.

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Storage solutions

It is a fact that if you have a lot of ‘stuff’ you need somewhere safe and accessible to store it. This has and no doubt always will be an issue for me  – the keeper of all things useful past present and future. I like lots of shelves filled with treasures – and I particularly like glass containers for their ‘see through’ value (despite the fact that glass plus our many cats are not a good combination).

I once bought a dozen Bonne Maman jam jars from a ‘past the use by’ table at Coles and in no time they were emptied, washed, dried and put to good use in the music room to hold stationery bits and pieces. Not so easy to find more of these for my collection, now that they are no longer a supermarket item, however my friend Debbie kindly located some in a speciality shop for me……and I picked up a few mini sample jars from a hotel in London.

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