Almost a year ago, due to luggage and customs restrictions,  I was very disappointed to leave behind in a Paris toy shop this adorable set of child’s instruments. So began a quest to find it again. First a letter all the way to France to enquire about the possibility of mail order, alas no reply. Disappointment three – an internet search revealed the UK supplier who unfortunately would not ship to Australia.

Months passed by. Recently my lovely niece and nephew generously tried to buy a set for me during a trip overseas, only to discover the store closed for the day.

Then in September when my son Patrick asked if there was anything on my birthday wish list, I sent him a link to this musical toy. I explained I had reached a dead end but he assured me owning it was still possible. A few days ago I was delighted to see my ‘must have’ belated birthday package arrive in the mail – shipped here at great cost from England via Patrick’s friend in the USA.

I am now feeling very spoiled being able add something so special to my teaching resources and more than a little glad I won’t have to make the long plane flight back to where I first fell in love with such a treasure.

Supplies and ideas for a ‘red with white spots’ theme steadily growing……

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